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October 16, 2017 in New Orleans


Schwabacher Health Insurance Consulting (SHIC), Inc. provides an effective medical claims review HOTLINE and “Hands On” Medical Claims Training to any company involved in health claims decisions, health claims payment/reimbursement, and health claims audit services.

SHIC HOTLINE is an experienced technical resource for your claims staff to access when complex issues arise, another opinion is desired or an appeal is received.  We offer free telephone consultation and pre-screening.

SHIC “Hands On” Claims Training Programs are presented at various times and locations and are also available for onsite training at your organization.  Topics are changed to reflect current issues at a technical level.  Attendees walk away with knowledge they can immediately use.

SHIC health claims audit services are available in either a focused or random audit and can be performed to specifically assess an organization’s healthcare Fraud & Abuse vulnerability with specific recommendations to capture, control, and report fraud, abuse and waste.

Karen Schwabacher leads a “hands on” training class.

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Announcing our next “Hands-On” Claims Training sessions

October 16, 2017 in New Orleans