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Schwabacher Health Insurance Consulting (SHIC), Inc. provides medical claims review HOTLINE, “Hands On” Medical Claims Training to any company involved in health claims decisions, and health claims audit services.  Our HOTLINE is a technical resource for your claims staff to access when complex issues arise.  We offer free telephone consultation and pre-screening.  Our “Hands On” Claims Training Programs are presented at various times and locations and are also available at your organization.  Topics are changed to reflect current issues at a technical level.  Attendees walk away with knowledge they can immediately use.  Our health claims audit services are available in either a focused or random audit and can be performed to specifically assess an organization’s healthcare Fraud & Abuse vulnerability with specific recommendations offered to tighten controls.



Schwabacher Health Insurance Consulting (SHIC) Medical Claims Training and Hotline Testimonials

Satisfied Customers of Schwabacher Health Insurance Consulting, Inc.

“It is a privilege to work with someone who is so well recognized and respected in the industry.”

“Working with SHIC helps us provide a more comprehensive support system to our clients when reviewing appeals.”

“We’ve been using the services of SHIC for many years.  I believe that repeat clients are the best indication of success.  We always count on SHIC for a qualified opinion, relative to the guidelines of each individual Plan.”

“We rely on SHIC to provide us with trends in the marketplace on fraud and abuse billing. Because of the knowledge we gain from the “hands-on” claims training seminars, we have been successful in managing cost on behalf of our clients.  Given the complexity of the health care environment, the information we obtain from SHIC is incredible.”

“This is the best seminar that I have attended.  The interaction, knowledge and willingness to learn made this a positive experience for everyone.”

“Very worthwhile – I learned more in two days than in two years.”

“It brought a lot of things in perspective and [I] had the chance to interact with others on how they are handling things.”

“You went to great extent to make everything wonderful!  I appreciate the friendly and upbeat way you conduct the sessions.”

“You have a really great seminar.  It’s upbeat and fun, as well as informative, which makes attending a pleasure.”

“This seminar makes the learning of complex issues much easier and more enjoyable than any other seminars I’ve attended.”

“Karen makes learning fun and interesting.”

“This workshop was a great opportunity for networking.”

“I will be recommending this workshop to others—or wouldn’t mind coming back again myself!”