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“Hands-On” Medical Claims Training

Hands On Medical Claims Training, Fraud and Abuse, Coding and Billing Issues, Epogen and Dialysis

“Hands On” Medical Claims Training


Your Resource to Keep Your Staff Up-to-date with Claims Issues

“Hands On” Medical Claims Training differs from any other workshop you will ever attend.  The SHIC difference is in the “Hands On” approach that lets you apply knowledge immediately, using real claim situations you see every day.

Our style is not to lecture, but to build on the expertise the participants bring to each session.  What attendees take back to the workplace is a solutions orientation and a toolbox for identifying “red flags”, documenting efficient investigations, and making good claims decisions.  “Hands On” Claims Training is not a beginner’s course.  Attendees typically have many years of experience and solutions to share.

“Hands On” Medical Claims Training workshops are conducted at various times and locations.

The success of our workshops is due to the fact that participants walk away with knowledge they can use—immediately.

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